Hi my name is Luis Carmona and I am a still photographer and videographer, content creator, video editor, social media manager, Real Estate Sales Associate in Miami and  former Pro Bodyboarder Athlete. I speak spanish, english and portuguese.

I am also the owner of PUERTORICOUNDER.COM, LLC.  that is a Marketing Company and we do Branding, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, Music Video, Production Company base in Miami, Florida and Puerto Rico. PUERTORICOUNDER.COM, LLC. its also a latin music website www.puertoricounder.com where you can find news, exclusive photos and videos from all the artist that we work for.

We are a content creator, marketing, photography, videography, multimedia company. Most of our clients are in the music industry and Real Estate but we can work for any company that will like to work with us. We love to create content for our clients.

Work with artist like Ricky Martin, Don Omar, Wisin Y Yandel, Carlos Vives, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Alexis Y Fido, Angel Y Khriz,  Jerry Rivera, Elvis Crespo, Tego Calderon, Rauw Alejandro, Prince Royce and more.

Airplane Wreck Site
Shooting Skateboarders at Venice Beach

Pit Boadyboard Magazine Issue August 1997. Thats me on the Cover of the magazine in Shore Island Isabela, Puerto Rico. Photo by: Ivan Ferrer

At the age of 15 my big brother Angelo already was one of the best surfer in Puerto Rico and I was 10. Looking him as a role model I start to go to the beach with my fins and bodyboard because he didn’t want to borrow me his surf board because they were very expensive and he was scare of me breaking the board. So what I did was get my bodyboard and start learning to ride the waves. I fall in love with the ocean, the sport and the waves. By that time the sport of bodyboarding was not a big sport as is now. After I felt comfortable I start competing in Puerto Rico national contest first I loose a lot then I have the first WIN. After that I Win Lost and became good at the sport. I became Puertorican Bodyboarder Campion. I 1994 I have my first child Kristian and I was 17 year old. I was a child raising a child. I had to quit bodyboarding now I have another responsibility I was a father and have to do what I have to do. Working and studying I finish my degree. Then after couple of years I was missing my passion and decide to go back to bodyboarding and competitions 1996. I became a Pro Bodyboarder had my Signature Model, start the world tour G.O.B. Global Organization of Bodyboarders that year I finish in the top 32 in the world. Next year on the top 16 and for 5 years I keep doing the tour. I travel the world and also did my best of been a single father. That passion for the sport start another passion the photography and videography. Because of the level that I was in the sport not many people like to take pictures and video of us I start learning from my best friend Jason Goodwin that he was a videographer and the one that teach me the most of water videography. I start shooting videos of my friends from the land and from the water. I start to love the video process and start learning how to edit the videos that I was filming. I was starting to get a lot of good footage from all the trips that I did those years so I decide to do a Bodyboarding Movie call Full Blast Video. After more years into photography and videography learning I start my company PUERTO RICO UNDER.COM, INC. in 2005 I have this vision on documenting all the Underground music in Puerto Rico that it was happening and nobody was covering because it was kind of taboo. The radio didn’t cover much only one station 


I want to thank Industry and X-Man (best Bodyboard shaper in the world) for sponsor me for so many years and they also did a Signature Model for me that was sold all over the world in countries like Japan, Portugal, USA, Puerto Rico, Brasil, Chile and more. I also have a Signature Model with Wave Rebel.

Bodyboarding Magazine Black Diamond Pipe. Yesssss that’s me in the wave. That was one of the biggest wave I ever got at Banzai Pipeline in 1998. That picture was take by Chris Van Lennep.

This picture was feature on a Australian Bodyboarder Magazine in 1998. That winter I made it to all the best bodyboarding magazine in the world. I was on the top 16 in the world. Puerto Rico Bodyboard Champion. Sponsor by Redley Fins, Wave Rebel Bodyboard, Free Style Watches, Locals Only Surf Shop and more.